July 16, 2022

Creative Writing Workshop

The creative writing workshop was a unique opportunity for the youth to explore their imagination and learn key concepts of creative writing. The workshop was held at Daniels Spectrum and was taught by Hassan and ----, who brought years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the class. The youth were excited to learn from both of them and improve their writing skills.

Elements of Storytelling

The workshop began with an introduction to creative writing, where Hassan discussed the importance of storytelling and the various elements that make a story compelling. The youth were introduced to the concept of characters, plot, setting, and conflict. They learned about how to create believable characters and how to write engaging dialogue.

Some memorable moments during the workshop include:

  • A group exercise where the youth were asked to come up with a short story as a group, and they came up with an exciting and imaginative story about a group of friends who find a mysterious box.
  • A brainstorming session where the youth were asked to come up with different plot twists for their own stories, led to many creative and unexpected ideas.
  • Hassan and shared his writing process, including how to overcome writer's block and how to revise and edit their work.
  • The youth shared their writing samples and received feedback and constructive criticism.

Writing Process

During the workshop, the youth learned about the importance of the writing process, which includes the following steps: brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing. The facilitators provided guidance and support throughout the process and the youth had opportunities to practice and apply these steps to their writing.

Feedback and Self-expression

The youth were also taught how to express themselves through their writing. They learned how to convey their emotions, thoughts, and feelings effectively through their words. They also received feedback from their mentors and their peers, which helped them to improve their writing and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

The workshop was an interactive and engaging experience for the youth. They enjoyed the exercises and activities, and Hassan's teaching style made the learning experience fun and enjoyable. The youth left the workshop feeling inspired and more confident in their writing abilities. They also acquired new skills and techniques, which will help them to continue to develop their writing abilities in the future.

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About Our Programming

What are the age groups you provide programming for?

We offer various programs for the community to benefit fro. The Roots Project is for youth ages 15 to 22 that live in or around the Regent Park area. We also host community events that is open for all ages to attend.

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With the help of the Youth Opportunity Fund we were able to launch The Roots Project is a mentorship program that teaches the youth in our community important skills all while providing a safe and fun environment to learn.

How do I register my child to attend these programs?

With Cohort 2 of the Roots Project under way, the next opportunity to register will be May 2023. Keep an eye out on our Announcement page for more details.

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The programs Healing As One provides are all free with the help of your support. We appreciate every donor and we look forward to providing the best programming and events we can!