September 11, 2022

JKAY Basketball Tournament

Bringing The Community Together

The JKAY Bursary Basketball Tournament was a successful event that raised money for a scholarship fund for underprivileged students. We partnered with Black Scholar Dollar to create a legacy fund on behalf of Smokey, Yusuf, Ali, and Kozie. This fund has been set up to help fund Black Youth from Regent Park, Esplanade and Cabbage Town to support and help offset some of their post-secondary costs. Growing up in a neighborhood like Regent Park can be extremely difficult. Over the years, we have lost so many special people that mean so much to our community due to meaningless gun violence.

The tournament was held at the Regent Park Athletic Grounds and featured teams from the community and organizations in the area. The event was well-attended by both players and spectators, with a lively and energetic atmosphere throughout the day.

Exciting matches

The games were highly competitive and filled with exciting moments. Some key moments of the tournament include:

  • Najeeb's last minute buzzer beater sent his team to the semi-finals
  • The Legends winning the Youth Final
  • ESP hitting a barrage of threes to blowout their opponents and win the Men's Final
  • Murwan VS Earl Pt 2

Bubble Soccer and BBQ

In addition to the basketball games, the tournament also featured Bubble Soccer as well as a BBQ for the community. It was great to see the community coming together and supporting the initiative.

Overall, the JKAY Bursary Basketball Tournament was a fantastic event that not only provided entertainment for the community but also raised money for a noble cause. The scholarship fund will continue to support underprivileged students in their pursuit of education, and we hope to make the tournament an annual event. It was a great way to engage the community and give back to the future generation.

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About Our Programming

What are the age groups you provide programming for?

We offer various programs for the community to benefit fro. The Roots Project is for youth ages 15 to 22 that live in or around the Regent Park area. We also host community events that is open for all ages to attend.

How are your initiatives and programs funded?

With the help of the Youth Opportunity Fund we were able to launch The Roots Project is a mentorship program that teaches the youth in our community important skills all while providing a safe and fun environment to learn.

How do I register my child to attend these programs?

With Cohort 2 of the Roots Project under way, the next opportunity to register will be May 2023. Keep an eye out on our Announcement page for more details.

How much is it to register and when do applications open?

The programs Healing As One provides are all free with the help of your support. We appreciate every donor and we look forward to providing the best programming and events we can!