August 14, 2022

Sunday In The Park 2022

A Community Event To Remember

The community came together for the annual event "Sunday in the Park," where residents enjoyed local food and supported local businesses. The event was a great success and brought many people out to enjoy the beautiful weather and each other's company.

Local Food and Businesses Take Center Stage

Local food vendors set up stands at the event, offering a variety of cuisines for attendees to try. From BBQ to ice cream, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Local businesses also participated, setting up booths to sell their products and services. The event provided an excellent opportunity for these businesses to connect with the community and showcase what they have to offer.

Key Moments From the Event

  • We served over 400 residents, providing hotdogs, burgers, and refreshments.
  • One lucky attendee won the community raffle.
  • Hundreds of residents showed up since this was the first Sunday in the Park in over 3 years.

Continuing The Tradition 

The event was a collaborative effort between organizations such as Healing As One, Regent Park Focus, and many more organizations that worked together to plan and organize the event, ensuring its success. Healing as One played an important role, providing volunteers to help with setup and cleanup. Focus Media Arts provided the entertainment and were vital in making sure the important moments were recorded and taking pictures for the residents to go back and relive the event.

The Future of Sunday in the Park

Sunday in the Park was a great opportunity for the community to come together. The success of this event has people already looking forward to next year's event and the potential it has to bring the community together once again. Events like this strengthen the community and make it a better place for all.

A Special Thanks To: Tridel, Focus Media Arts, Fred Victor, TNG Community Services, RPNA, Regent Park Health Centre, Daniels, TCHC, Artscape, and YSM.

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About Our Programming

What are the age groups you provide programming for?

We offer various programs for the community to benefit fro. The Roots Project is for youth ages 15 to 22 that live in or around the Regent Park area. We also host community events that is open for all ages to attend.

How are your initiatives and programs funded?

With the help of the Youth Opportunity Fund we were able to launch The Roots Project is a mentorship program that teaches the youth in our community important skills all while providing a safe and fun environment to learn.

How do I register my child to attend these programs?

With Cohort 2 of the Roots Project under way, the next opportunity to register will be May 2023. Keep an eye out on our Announcement page for more details.

How much is it to register and when do applications open?

The programs Healing As One provides are all free with the help of your support. We appreciate every donor and we look forward to providing the best programming and events we can!